Information about MFTs and an account of how we got involved with the breed.
Rawhide's Charcoal, our first MFT

Suggestions of what to do or not do in sale ads.
Same horse, different times of year and picture elements.
  Combining Natural Horsemanship and 
  Gaited Horses 
Bonnie and Gregg Martin
Barnesville, GA
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              by Bonnie Martin and select other authors
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Tips that might save you money and keep you from getting the wrong horse.

What to consider about the price of a horse. The cheapest horse isn't necessarily going to be a money saver.
There are things that go on in horse transactions as well as in riding and training that shouldn't be happening.
My journey towards recovery from a brain tumor.
2007 back in the saddle
Horse psychology can help us understand these big, wonderful prey animals and what makes them tick.
Some preliminary work can make tieing a horse for the first time much safer and less traumatic. 
Why in the world are there so many different bits and how you can avoid having a collection that gathers dust.
Training a horse to stop correctly can help save your horse's mouth, your pocketbook, and make you a better rider.
There are reasons why if you send a horse to a trainer, you may have to do it over and over.
Subtle differences in the way we look at things may help our relationship with our horses.
Some funny, some scary, some sad, but all true tales.
Another look at horse psychology and how to deal with horses in a way that will help them.
A good, safe trail horse should have as much or more training than most other discipllines.
Simple ways to make your horse braver.
Ways to check out your horse to make sure he is ready to mount and that you'll have a safe ride.
Tips for getting better results with your horse.
Have a horse that is either hard to get to go or hard to stop? Suggestions to help get the go and whoa more equal.

Find out some ways to recognize what is going to happen before it happens and you may have fewer unpleasant surprises.
People, not horses, are the ones who need barns.
An account of how our fox trotters are being used in ways more typically associated with quarter horses and vaquero riding.
 fox trotters sorting cows
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home trained horses
Things to do to make your horse both more interested in seeing you and also a more versatile horse.

Ways to help insure that you don't become a horse casuality statistic. Most horse related accidents can be minimized if not avoided with some preparation.
Explanation about what natural horsemanship is and why it is such a valuable way to deal with any horse.
Myths and Lies about Horses' Feet

BY DIANA Wittkopf, DVM 
Dispelling some long-held beliefs about horses' hooves--what is "normal" and healthy and what is not.
A personal account of years of mistakes and misunderstandings.
The dictionary shows thrity-three defintiions for the word "broke". Even the one definition that applies to horses is open to many different interpretations. Be sure you know what others mean when using words that can mean many different things to different people!
Sad but true that there are companies out there selling products that have serious safety issues with them. There are some stirrups that are particularly dangerous that are being sold many places.
Here's a picture of a leather covered aluminum trail stirrup after a mare started a gentle roll onto her side. She didn't get all the way over before I got her up, so it didn't finish crushing. How'd you like to have your foot trapped in a crushable  tin can like this? Read the seller's response in the article and see why we as consumers have to be VERY careful. These types of stirrups are sold many places although there are similar stirrups made of nylon that have the same design, weight, and cost and are MUCH safer.