This page was last updated: January 15, 2015
Services Offered Include:
Horsemanship Coaching--from the ground up, our horses or yours
Missouri Fox Trotters for sale

Pasture Board (including hay in winter)


Horsemanship Lessons--
Not your typical riding lessons

Not happy with the relationship between you and your horse?
New to horses?
Frustrated that you aren't getting the responses you want?
Been hurt or had your confidence shaken?
Feel there is something missing with your communication?
Does your horse do any of these things:

Have issues trailer loading?
Bump you or rub on you with her head?
Pull or push on you while being led?
Step on your feet or lean into you when you want him to move over?
Run off when you try to catch her?
Put his head up in the air when you try to bridle or halter him?
Move around when you start to saddle her?
Open his mouth and throw his head up when you are riding?
Move when you start to mount or go before you ask?
Keep moving when you ask for a stop?
Do things suddenly, out of the blue?
Have other habits that are annoying or dangerous?

Do you want to learn to fix problems before they even begin without gimmicks or force?

There's easy help for all of the above problems. You can have a polite, safe, and happy horse that will respond to your requests once you understand some horses psychology and learn to communicate  with him or her using body language and cues your horse understands. You can  teach your horse to do almost anything you want without force or frustration! Come  see what we do. Lessons on our horse or yours. Reasonable rates. Thirty years teaching experience being applied now to teaching horsemanship.

Check out our Natural Horsemanship page to see some of the things our horses have been trained to do with this kind of horsemanship.
Hay for Sale--round or square bales of good quality fertilized bermuda