Here at Gemara Farm Foxtrotters we are committed to bringing the horses along as naturally as possible with a natural hoof barefoot trim to develop great feet and legs and with natural horsemanship using understanding of horses' habits and communication to develop their minds and skills. We don't ride them until they are three years old, but they have enough background education by that time to understand what it's all about and do well at whatever line of work for which they are destined. The logical progression of skills lends itself to horses who understand what we are asking and offering it without being forced into doing something they don't comprehend.
Several of our horses have gone on to become competive trail mounts, endurance horses, pleasure trail horses, and model and versatility show horses. One is even earning her keep doing some Hindu  wedding ceremonies and is involved in trick training! See the horses sold page for pictures of them all. 
We don't just sell  horses, we try to match a potential owner to a horse so that they can have a good partnership for many years to come, and we work to help you learn how to communicate with your horse. If we don't have a match for you, we won't try to make a sale but will try to refer you to someone who might have what you are looking for. Check out our For Sale pages to see what is available. We also offer coaching to help improve your understanding and communication with a horse.
All of our horses are barefoot, maintained every four to six weeks by farriers practicing the barefoot hoof trim. They have strong, sound, correct feet and seldom ever need the protection of boots, even on rough terrain. With the right farrier work, your horse can probably go barefoot too and be healthier for it, not to mention saving you money!

All of the horses we offer for sale have been handled exclusively with natural horsemanship methods and work best for someone familiar with how to ride horses trained to carry riders who communicate rather than those who are mere passengers. They are not "kick to go, pull back to stop" horses. If you don't know the "language" and aren't interested in learning it, these horses are NOT ones you'd enjoy.

 We do not ride our horses early, so they should still be going strong at greatly advanced ages. The ground work they have had makes under saddle work much easier, safer, and more pleasurable for both horse and rider. All are at various stages of training, and prices are subject to change without notice as training progresses. 

Check back later to see what trained horses we might have available for sale. Recent sales have left us with just a few good riding horses, and we aren't going to leave ourselves with nothing to ride!
Gemara Farm
Bonnie and Gregg Martin
Barnesville, GA

  Combining Natural Horsemanship and 
  Gaited Horses 
If you don't see what you are looking for here, check out "Our Horses" page. Some of the horses on that page might be a match for you and available although they are not actively being marketed.. Also see page 2 For Sale (other people's horses).
This page was last updated: May 6, 2017
Red Man's Mayfly Jack 2008 chestnut gelding, 15.2+ hands, out of Red Man's Junebug and by Playboy's Sunset Gold. This is a very laid back, naturally well gaited gelding. He is was started by Gary Townsend, Jr. and is off to a great start. $3000.
Reference sire: Playboy's Sunset Gold

Jack is a 2008 MFT who had a great start at Diamond T 3 with Gary Townsend, Jr. He had been under saddle for three weeks when this video was made. He had 50 days of actual training with a top horseman before he came home. He rides and gaits on a loose rein, has a rocking chair canter, and a really great stop. He is doing well on trails now too. He would do best with someone who has a "no nonsense attitude.
Red Man's Junebug B. 02-75070  is a well trained mare who does all her gaits both on a loose rein or with some light collection. She's good in the arena (I sometimes use her for lessons) or on the trail with a more advanced rider. $2200.
Dam pictured below  Red Man's Junebug B.