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  Combining Natural Horsemanship and
  Gaited Horses TWH natural horsemanship site with some great articles.
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Highly recommended is Natural Horsemanship clinician Brent Graef from Canyon, TX. He can really help pull it all together for you and your horse. Check out his yahoogroup  or his website,

Also, the clinician and author Mark Rashid from Estes Park, CO. HIs one-on-one clinics help make dramaticimprovements in horse and rider both. He uses principles from aikido in his teaching of  horsemanship.

Easy-Gaited Horses by Lee Ziegler. She covers all breeds, all gaits, and how to achieve them NATURALLY without gimmicks! Lee was a personal friend who unfortunately has passed away, but her book is a wonderful legacy that lives on.

The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp The author is the creator of the Benji character  who got into horses at a later age and really absorbed a lot of knowledge of them quickly. Excellent information and entertaining reading.

True Horsemanship through Feel by Bill Dorrance. Lots of pictures and explanations of riding with feel.

Any and all of the books by Mark Rashid. Easy, fun reading but with a lot to digest.

Any and all books by Ben K. Green. Most of these are out of print but can still be found online. He has great tales of horse trading, cattle drives, and life in the early part of the 1900's.

Any and all books by John Richard Young Most of these are also out of print but can be found online. He goes into depth about riding instruction as well as schooling a horse.

The Revolution in Natural Horsemanship by Rick Lamb and Dr. Robert Miller This book explains the history of horse training and the how and why Natural Horsemanship is so popular.

In the Company of Horses by Kathleen Lindley The author was an apprentice with clinician Mark Rashid for over a year and describes her experiences on the road with him.

Gallop to Freedom by Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado Training Horses with the founding Stars of CavaliaGreat pictures as well as information on the philosophy and training methods of these founders of the equine spectacular Cavalia.

Lessons In Lightness by Mark Russell  Natural dressage using a combination of artistic dressage and natural horsemanship

Riding in the Moment by Michael Schaeffer This is the best how to dressage explanation I've ever read. It teaches how to build the training from the bottom up instead of trying to teach how to just ride a move. This is an e-book so there is actually some interactive illustration.

The Far Away Horses by Buck Brannaman Autobiographical with information about horsemanship

Believe by Buck Brannaman Clinic participants and Buck writing about their life changing experiences riding with Buck.

Any and all books and articles by Tom Moates Tom writes about his journey in horsemanship under the instruction of Harry Whitney

Old Men and Horses by Ross Jacobs Stories of how he learned about horsemanship from two elderly men.

Cowboy Dressage by Jessica Black A comprehensive look at the new discipline of Cowboy Dressage. Beautiful pictures, and a lot of information on how to train, set up an arena, and tests to ride.

"Buck"   Documentary about Buck Brannaman

Eclectic Horseman  Excellent articles about horsemanship

Trail Blazer Wide variety of articles on places to ride, training, and horse care.